Experimental Online newsletter for B&I Friends

Communications such as this traditionally start with ‘Hello World’. So ‘hello world’ it is  – now public so that Friends can easily access it without registering for wordpress and contribute to and watch the development in progress. Please contribute any items of news, SHORT articles, musings, reflections, poems, questions, comments or quotations that you think may be of interest among Friends just as you might for a public newsletter.

Friends can contribute news and articles by ‘leaving a reply’ in the box below (CLICK ON ‘Leave a reply’, 1 Reply, nReplies OR IN THE TEXT BOX) or on any relevant page – wait a while for this to appear (in a few days? Not ‘while-u-wait’! ‘Newsletter’ pages will only appear when these are complete)  You can also contribute by emailing ‘trevor at humber.co.uk’ in the usual format or, as a last resort perhaps, handing in something on paper. (Pictures or drawings in electronic format also welcome but not guaranteed to be used because of the possible work involved).

The lovely pictures are from wordpress – we can replace them with pictures of our own if anyone would like to take on the photography or image editing.